A New Home

After sitting in front of yet another person (a homelessness officer this time) and bitterly cursing the unfairness of it all, I got the news I had been waiting for:

“We have a place for you, but…”

Oh please, please not more “but”s! I need someone to give me a “yes” here!

“…I’m afraid a 2 bedroom flat is all we have available. Would you be prepared to take it?”

Afraid? Afraid?! I was over the moon! When I arrived at the flat to get the keys I was even more pleased. The place is massive!

Of course it’s not without its faults – there are a few bits that need repairing and it is completely unfurnished. I had to pay the previous tenants debts before being able to put money in the gas meter but at least we haven’t ended up on the streets.

The children love it so far. Mattresses on the floor haven’t lost their novelty yet, nor has the lack of toys.

While they are sleeping soundly I am applying for housing online and organising myself for the following day.

When will this stop feeling like a holiday to them?

He Stole My Heart

When Caden woke up crying I knew it wasn’t just the cold sore on his lip.

I hadn’t told him we were leaving and yet he knew. He cried when Martin left for work. He cried some more at bedtime. He cried after his brother went to sleep.

No, he didn’t want to sleep in his bed. No he didn’t want to sleep in my bed. No, no, NO!

I got him into my bed and cut my finger on a chipped mirror while fumbling in the dark.

“Did Daddy do that?”

Children don’t forget.

I put on a plaster and got into bed again. I checked my emails, knowing he would be distracted by it. It worked.

I looked at him in the glow of my phone’s backlight, his features highlighted perfectly. He took my breath away.

“You are such a beautiful little boy, Caden.”

He smiled and shook his head.

“OK, you’re a beautiful big boy.”

He shook his head once more and said:

“No, you are.”

And with that, he went to sleep.