About Knackered Housewife

I am a constantly knackered SAHM of 3, partner/fiancé/girlfriend to 1 and when I’m not busy with that I’m a blogger and housewife. I love anything caffeinated and I’m not afraid to admit it. My “hobby” is blogging to avoid cleaning. Sometimes I get paid to do this. It makes me happy – maybe I can hire a maid next time?

My main focus at the moment is self-improvement but I’m not very good at it. My regular posts on this subject can be found here: New Year New Me Posts

This blog is inspired by my daily life and the way I’m trying to overcome obstacles and make life easier along the way. I’m no parenting guru and I don’t have a PhD in housewifery (far from it most would say) but when an idea manages to float its way into my mind I like to write it down. If you find anything on this blog useful do let me know!

Any compliments, suggestions, complaints or offers of work? Read my contact page.