New Year New Me – March Promises

Well, what can I say? February was a load of poo, to put it politely.  I’m trying to figure out how my resolutions would work in my current situation.

So how did I do last month? Not very well since I am now living in a 2 bed flat for the homeless. I can hardly even remember what they are!

Lose weight – Try not to use food as a crutch in the coming months.
Save money – More important than ever. Spend as little as possible to make sure that when I actually get a house I will be able to furnish it.
Learn to drive – On hold for now.
Be more organised – I suppose it’s easier to do once you’ve lost almost everything – should I be able to “lol” at this?
Do up the house – Try and source some beds, sofas etc. The kids might enjoy mattresses on the floor, but I don’t.

I would add a linky widget or some images but I’m using my phone for the foreseeable future so I can’t.

I appreciate every message of support – honestly it’s keeping me going!

Thank you.

Knackered Housewife x

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