Are Drinks Destroying Your Diet?

Are Drinks Destroying Your Diet? Fizzy Drinks Knackered Housewife



Those watching their waistlines often resort to logging their meals in a food diary. This can be an effective way of losing weight (that is, when you don’t forget to log the chocolate  because seeing everything you eat in a day/week can really drum home just how unhealthy your diet is. Did you know that your drinks may also be scuppering your weight loss efforts? While drinks are rarely very nutritious, they are often jammed full of sugary substances that taste very nice but do little for us. Here are some ways you can cut down on your liquid calorie intake.

Drink more water. Pretty obvious, really. It can also be a real challenge – I for one can’t stand the bland taste. I often just neck it to get it over with – have you ever had a stomach full of water sloshing about the place? Seriously off putting! Try pouring yourself a pint of water, putting somewhere you’ll walk past it a lot and take a sip every time you pass by.

Convert to sugar-free. Don’t be fooled by no added sugar varieties. These are usually packed full of naturally occurring sugars. From a calorific point of view, these can be just as bad.

Ditch the wine. After watching Martin make many bottles of wine and beer at home, I realised just how much sugar goes into making them. No wonder they are so full of calories! It’s better to ditch alcoholic drinks altogether but if needs must, try a vodka and sugar free mixer.

Add less sugar. I’ve already mention switching to sugar free varieties of your favourite bought drinks, but what’s the point in buying Pepsi Max if you’re having 6 cups of coffee a day with 2 teaspoons of sugar each? Work it out: if you only had that many you’d still be drinking 12 teaspoons of sugar. It’s a hard switch to make if these are your main drinks but try cutting out half a teaspoon per week. Go on – I bet you’re sweet enough already!

Avoid liquid food. What separates liquid foods from drinks? Nourishment. Milk is a food, not a drink. Try cutting down on milkshakes, lattes and the like or saving them for special occasions.

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  1. I gave up pop years ago for club soda. Every once in a blue moon I will try a sip of pop, and it is like drinking a mouthful of sugar, I don’t know how people drink the stuff.

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