Cleaning Up – When You Just Can’t Be Arsed

Are you unwell, stressed or just plain lazy? This is a note to myself the post for you!

  1. Delegate. Give everybody at home a job to do – including children. Encourage younger ones to participate by giving them lots of praise and doing it alongside them, or try a reward chart for the older children to earn pocket money.
  2. Limit mess making. Don’t give the kids spaghetti bolognese for tea if you’re not feeling well enough to clean up, or if you’re too busy. It’s a recipe (sorry, I had to) for disaster!
  3. Relax. If you’re run down stressing out about the housework is going to make things worse. You have to look after yourself to be able to look after others – that includes houses – so just chill out, do what you can and don’t beat yourself up about the rest.
  4. Keep to the 5 minute rule. It won’t hurt to do a little at a time. Even if you just do a quick pick up in the ad breaks you’re still helping to make sure you’re not left with so much to do that you just can’t face it. Just do the low-energy stuff or do it in short bursts.
  5. Get into the mood. Put on some music, get some energizing smells in the air and just go with it. It helps if the stuff you’re cleaning with smells divine!
  6. Hide distractions. Put away the phone and laptop and if you’re really determined, get a babysitter! You’ll be surprised how much faster things will get done.
  7. Treat yourself. If you’ve done something well then reward yourself for it – you’d do it to everyone else! Whether it’s some “me” time or something a bit more tangible, you’ll feel much better knowing there’s something nice at the end of the tunnel.

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