Household Superheroes – White Vinegar

White vinegar is already a well-known household superhero – very deserving of a place in the Hall of Fame! The last bottle I bought was over half a litre and cost just 44p. Here are some more reasons to get it in your cupboards:

  1. Add a capful or two to your dishwater when washing a particularly greasy item.
  2. Mix with food colouring and add to bicarbonate of soda for an explosion of messy fun.
  3. Dilute it with water and use to clean your windows.
  4. Clean “toilet accidents” on mattresses by cleaning it with a vinegar and water solution. To get rid of the smell completely, pour bicarbonate of soda on the wet patch and leave to dry. Vacuum it up then enjoy the renewed freshness.
  5. Clean tile grouting by letting it soak in vinegar then scrubbing with a toothbrush.

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