Knitting Project: Cup Cardi/Cup Cosy/Mug Hugger

Remember when I made a bucket list and decided that one day, before I turn 30, I would pick up my needles long enough to finish a knitting project? That day has come!

Ok, it’s not the stuff of legend, the point is I finished it. I cast off all the stitches and even managed to “sew” in hook-and-eye thingies. It’s FINISHED. And machine-washable. Therefore, I am a domestic goddess.

Here’s how I did it. Note to knitting addicts: you may want to look away now. Precision has gone out of the window.

  1. Gather up your favourite (empty) mug, some pretty wool and some needles. (I used size 4)
  2. Cast on and keep adding stitches until you reach the desired length. Determine this by holding needle vertically to mug and guessing.
  3. Knit a row.
  4. Purl a row.
  5. Keep knitting and purling. Wrap your creation around the mug/cup every so often until you more or less reach the handles.
  6. Cast off and weave in tails.
  7. Using darning needles and more wool, sew in the hooks and eyes. Measure up against the mug to make sure you don’t put them where the handles will go. If your wool has bobbly bits like mine, it’s easier to sew without them so take them off.

So there you have it: not a very precise pattern but a quick, easy make. If you don’t yet know how to knit, here is a good place to look.

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