Stylish Storage Love

At the moment, the only time you would call my home organised is if you accompanied it with the word “chaos”. Housework has never been my thing and sometimes it seems the more I do, the more I need to do!

Clutter can be overwhelming, hence my resolution to get more organised this year (check out my New Year, New Me linky if you missed it). Even once you’ve chucked out what can be chucked out, there’s still the question of where to put everything else?

Although we’ve lived here a while, we just haven’t set aside a budget for doing up the house. This year that will change!

Storage is one of our biggest problems – what we haven’t been able to fit in cupboards we dump wherever we can. Having stylish storage like the weaved baskets above can make a load of difference.

These days storage isn’t limited to bulky plastic boxes. Whatever your storage need, you’ll almost definitely be able to find something readily available on the high street.

Remember – it doesn’t have to be something bought for storage. Some of my favourite baskets have come from bath sets and hampers given to us for Christmas.

If you’re looking for a stylish yet practical way to update an area of your home, look to storage.

Thanks for reading!

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