Lauren Poo, Nee Naw Wee

If you ask a parent how to spell “impending doom”, they will probably say “P-O-T-T-Y T-R-A-I-N-I-N-G”. Today has definitely been one of those days.

Caden has almost cracked potty training completely and quite often will ask to go on the “big toilet”. I’m very proud of him and he’s surprised me by how well he’s doing. On the whole this has been a very rewarding experience but there have been some… less desirable happenings.

Like the time he proudly told me he’d done a really big poo then named it Lauren. Thanks for that, son.

Today came another less desirable happening. Earlier on I was minding my own business when I heard grunting from the general direction of the potty. Great, I thought, another wee! Well done Caden! I apply my best pride smile and turn around to find him squatting over his fire engine ride on, holding the seat up and peeing in the box underneath it like a urinal.

“What are you doing?!” I cry.

“I’m doing a wee in my nee naw!” He told me, puffing out his chest with pride. “Look, I did lots of wees!”

My stomach sinks further as I slowly follow his gaze towards the other two ride on toys. Sure enough there were small puddles forming underneath them. I look back at him then look at the potty beside him. Completely empty.

At least he managed to put the seats down.

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10 thoughts on “Lauren Poo, Nee Naw Wee

  1. Great post. Hated the whole potty training time. Never quite got it right, My daughter was very late to get the idea and only did it when bribed with a lolly as a reward.
    They all do it in their own time if you ask me but nobody does and maybe I just say that cos I was so useless with the whole issue.
    Blogging helps at the time and in years to come these stories will come out time and time again.
    Keep smiling!
    Kate on Thin Ice recently posted…Wobbles WednesdayMy Profile

    • Caden’s doing well so far. People already doubt my ability to potty train and give me lots of advice. Obviously they’ve forgotten that I’ve actually been potty training for the past 5 years and have tried the tricks! *sigh*

      My health visitor came out with the nursery nurse last month with reward charts and info on potty training because she thought I’d need more support and even mentioned my “problems” potty training Rhian. Fair enough, she wasn’t Rhian’s health visitor but she is aware of the tests etc. Go figure!

  2. Oh dear! I’m doing it right now. My son has some delays so its a work in progress. His best one is peeing out the door, like a little statue Haha x
    Jo Henley recently posted…BubblesMy Profile

    • My daughter still struggles at 7, she’s having test after test now for kidney problems etc. Well, the potty training may be stressful but at least we’re getting lots of stories to embarrass them with when they’re older ;-)

  3. Thanks for this, we are in toilet training hell (?) at the moment so I needed this light interlude. I have a four year old who keeps telling everyone the intimate details of his little sisters bowel and bladder movements, so we’ve introduced an ‘only telling close family members’ rule……

  4. I am fed up with potty training. My son recently turned three and still NO INTEREST AT ALL with the potty or toilet. He doesn’t even have signs in wanting to go to the toilet. No red face no hiding no nothing and everyone has a hard time in understanding that. He even carries on playing and doesnt notice until he stands in the wet puddle. He will say “wee wee in the toilet” and sand over the toilet but immediantly goes “no wee wee” and gets down and flushes the empty toilet. I try an encourage from their but I get a tantrum and i end up leaving him to cool off. I’m made to feel like a mother that’s not even trying i have tried potty charts, daddy showing him how “it” works, and even blatently BRIBING (yeah I know I shouldn’t) nothing works!! PLEASE any proffesional or non preffesional have ANY tips at all I would be more than welcome x x

    • My advice would be to throw out the rule book. If he’s not showing interest or showing any signs of wanting the toilet or potty then he’s not ready and it won’t matter what other people say. The only thing I would suggest is, if your son knows what a potty is for, putting one in the living room, visible and easily accessible and leaving him to it for a while. I know what it’s like to be made to feel like I’m not trying – people still judge me now! In fact, I fell out with an “in-law” after she said during a spat “Your child isn’t even toilet trained”.

      Just let your boy lead the way, you obviously know the signs, and be there when they appear. I know boys who have missed the first term of nursery due to lack of potty training and are perfectly healthy. And tell the people making you feel bad to put the judgement stick down and go do something productive.

      Oh, one last thing. Caden did the “wee wee in the toilet” thing too. He loves flushing the toilet!

      Feel free to drop me an email if you need to chat x

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