New Year New Me – October Promises

As I promised myself when setting my resolutions for 2013 (read here) I’m reviewing my goals on the first of every month and reflecting on how well the previous month has gone.

September Promises

It has been another month for illness in our house which has kind of hampered our progress.  We’ve found a very good website called Education City. This website has loads of curriculum based games you can set to ability – an absolutely perfect match for a visual learner like Rhian! The weight loss has been… unsteady, which is basically the result of everyone coming down with viral infections and me being completely rushed off my feet and craving comfort. We’ve managed to get rid of some of our unwanted things including our sofas after we got a corner sofa off Freecycle! We’ve tried geocaching, rediscovered a local park, been to a new parent and toddler group and the local soft play centre. As for healthy choices? Well, we’ve definitely been more active than normal. Wait… what was I saying about hampered progress?

This month’s promises are as follows:-

Encourage learning at home.

-Get Rhian writing on paper again.

Lose weight.

-Focus mainly on diet, moving away from fast food and takeaways again.

Have a home to be proud of.

-Revamp our living room.

Do more with the children.

-Do lots of spooky activities and think of original ways to spend Shane’s 2nd and Caden’s 3rd birthday.


-Pay attention to how I’m feeling as winter approaches and go back on anti-depressants as soon as I feel it’s needed. No trying to wait it out this time!

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