How To Legally Change Your Name For Free

A few months ago I sent my provisional forms and ID to the DVLA, hoping that soon a shiny new provisional would arrive in the post. I was quite dismayed then, when they sent back the deed poll my mother had done on my behalf when I was a child with the accusation that it was a photocopy.

Whether or not it was a photocopy still remains unclear – my mother said there was nothing else at her house so I had to find another way. Imagine my frustration when I found out that my name had been changed just a few months before they started archiving the documents! My deed poll was essentially lost and I would have to create another one. An initial search suggested I’d have to pay around £30 for one – up to £200 for a solicitor.

Why on earth would anyone spend that when you can create a deed poll for free? has an easy to use, simple form. No email address needed, no cash required. Just fill it in with your old name, your new name and the name and address of your witnesses (you need two, they can’t be relations). Print it off and voila! You have a new name!

There is plenty of information available on the website including the reason it’s free and what restrictions there are in place. (Did you know you can use Miss, Mrs and Ms regardless of whether or not you are married?)

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