Top Tips for Charity Shopping

There are many reasons (read excuses) people don’t go to charity shops. They may be worried about the quality of the items or think that they wouldn’t stock what they are looking for. These days charity shops actually have a big variety of quality stock. Most is donated but many shops also sell brand new stuff.

I think it’s always worth visiting charity shops on a regular basis. A lot of the clothes I come home with still have labels from the original shop on it. Even if they aren’t brand new they are always good quality – I’ve never seen anything in a charity shop that looked dirty or overworn.

Then there’s the ethical side of it – items that have been used time and time again have a lower carbon footprint. Buying from a charity shop helps to raise vital funds for whatever cause that particular shop supports.

Well, there’s why you should go to charity shops. Here’s how to get the most out of shopping for good:

  • Go to an area where there are several shops near to each other and visit them all on the same day. Make a morning out of it!
  • Take along  a list of things you’re looking for (like a Christmas Gift Cheat Sheet) to help you stay focussed.
  • Make sure you have plenty of cash with you as lots of charity shops still don’t accept cards.
  • Go to posh areas for qood quality stuff with the same price tag (@kateonthinice)
  • Be friendly and regular – they may keep stuff back for you if funds are tight (@kateonthinice)
  • Keep an eye out for valuable stuff with a view to selling on (@kateonthinice)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask what they have in the back room if you’re looking for something in particular (@kateonthinice)

Many thanks to the wonderful Kate On Thin Ice for giving me lots of extra tips. I am clearly more of a novice than I thought

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