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Caden seems to have the hang of potty training now, to the point where I will comfortably take him out to the shops without a pair of “pull ups” on. This is a big deal for me – because of past experiences, my confidence in this area of parenthood was at rock bottom. He still mistakes poo for paint occasionally though. Anybody have tips for THAT?

Anyway, here are some tips for potty training your little ones I’ve picked up along the way.

Is he ready?

Can your child talk clearly and pull trousers up and down? Does he show awareness of filling his nappy or is he asking to go to the big toilet? If so, he’s probably ready for potty training.

Helpful hints.

  • Make a potty visible and readily available from a young age. Despite showing very little sign of being ready to train, Caden whipped off his nappy and did a wee on the potty within seconds of it being in the living room.
  • Gently encourage your child to sit on the potty or toilet without a nappy, even before training if official. Eventually you will catch him at just the right time and he will do a little wee. Be sure to praise him when he does so he knows what you want him to do on there.
  • Once training starts, use a timer to remind them to go to the potty. In the first day or two our timer was set at 20 minutes, gradually increasing.
  • Try not to get too stressed about cleaning up wee for the 700th time in one day, or the poo/paint confusion. When you do feel it building up, take a deep breath and step back for a few minutes when you can. When you do get crazy stressed, don’t give up! You will both do this and accidents are natural.
  • Keep the potty empty and clean. Its a no brainer, really. Nobody wants to sit on a yucky toilet no matter how young they are.
  • Make sure you give them lots of praise and encouragement when they manage to use the potty. You could maybe even use a reward chart (like this one I reviewed a few days ago) and give them an occasional treat for all their hard work! Putting small stickers on their t-shirts is something I find particularly effective. My children loved to show off how good they’d been no matter where they are.
  • Ignore pressure from busybodies and listen to what your child (or gut) is telling you. I remember being referred to some horrible woman when Rhian was in nursery who spent more time inspecting my dishes than helping me with potty training. When I asked her to refer Rhian to a psychologist and when I insisted I was doing her charts etc she acted like I was a nutter. Since then Rhian’s been through an educational psychologist and CAMHS and is still having scans on her kidneys. I let that woman give me hell for months yet had very little positive input for her. Please – don’t stand for it!

What tips and tricks do/did you follow?

Knackered Housewife x

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