123 Writing Prompts

One of my goals this month was to find a way to encourage Rhian to practice writing at home. After toying around with some ideas for quite some time, I started to feel I was never going to get it done. The list of things-I-needed-to-buy-first was endless. Eventually it hit me – she doesn’t need fancy laminated cards or complicated games with dice!

Here’s what I did:

  • Grabbed 2 pretty A4 card sheets and cut them into 8 pieces apiece.
  • Think of a theme to write about (favourite book, places to go etc).
  • Write three things about that theme. For example:
  1. What is the name of your favourite book?
  2. Who is your favourite character?
  3. What is your favourite part?

I also added a “Free Prompt” card where Rhian has to write for 5 minutes without stopping, as long as she writes whatever comes into her head. This was the one she chose for her first time and she did very well. It’s wonderful to see her sat down doing something “school-ish” without the kicking and screaming I usually get!

Do you have little ones at home that struggle writing? What do you do to encourage them?

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