Abandoning Bedtimes – Am I Mad?

For the past month or so, bedtime has been particularly fractious. Sometimes I couldn’t even get to the bottom of the stairs before having to go back up and put one of the children back to bed. Normally they’re pretty good – in fact some people have been quite envious of how easily my children would go up.

Lately it’s been a different story. Their 7pm bedtime is a farce now because none of them would stop fighting me until at least 9pm, sometimes later.

Sound familiar?

I spent so much time longing for the days when I could put my children to bed and hear hardly a peep from them. A chance to rest, regroup and be Lauren.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and almost completely abandon bedtime.

There are only two rules: in your rooms by 8pm and no gadgets upstairs.

They still have a story or a lullaby if they want.  When it’s time for me to go downstairs I say “have fun playing, Mummy and Daddy love you!”

Sometimes I get called up to tuck them in but generally they put themselves to bed of their own accord when they are tired. This is almost always by 9:30pm and never after 10.

The result? A more relaxed evening.  Happier parents and happier children.

What’s your bedtime routine like? Would you abandon bedtimes?

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