Activity Advent Calendar – Things To Do With Kids At Christmas.

It’s that time of year again and after searching for an advent calendar that wasn’t filled with that yucky Kinnerton stuff but still had Hello Kitty (impossible, I tell you) I decided that the kids didn’t really need chocolate every day just because it’s December. It’s much more fun to spend some time doing something with your parents than eating chocolate, surely? These ideas are just for reference really, but if you’re feeling really creative why not write these down on paper and use them in homemade advent calendars like this baby sock one from Martha Stewart?

  1. Watch a Christmas film.
  2. Make/write Christmas cards.
  3. Make baubles for your tree.
  4. Put the Christmas tree up.
  5. Write letters to Santa.
  6. Make tealight holders.
  7. Make reindeer food.
  8. Bake Christmas tree cupcakes.
  9. Go to see a pantomime.
  10. Read Christmas stories.
  11. Make mini Christmas trees.
  12. Put the lights up and have your very own “switch on”.
  13. Make a huge Christmas picture.
  14. Write some Christmas carol parodies.
  15. Go to a Christmas fair.
  16. Go Christmas carolling or do it “remotely” by calling relatives and close friends to serenade them.
  17. Make your own wall decorations.
  18. Have an indoor snowball fight with cotton wool balls!
  19. Make natural Christmas decorations.
  20. Make a wreath.
  21. Bake some cookies for Father Christmas.
  22. Make some Christmas photos to print.
  23. Make hand print snowflakes.
  24. Do “no mess” paint printing.
  25. Sing Christmas songs.
  26. Make paper chains.

Did you buy an advent calendar  for your children? Did you make your own? What activities do you like to do with your families at Christmas?

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