Making School Uniform Labels

Today I did what I’d managed to put off for the whole of the last school year: I labelled Goldilocks’ clothes.

I decided against writing on the labels. What could I do with them next year, if they were still wearable? I wouldn’t be able to donate them – they’d have someone else’s name written on them.

I remembered my promise on the Bucket List to find ways of recycling the clothes I couldn’t give to charity shops. Like Goldilocks’ greying, stained and worn polo shirt.

Armed with a permanent marker, Goldilocks’ new school clothes, an old polo shirt and a small pair of scissors I got to work.

I decided to use the collar for the labels as it had a pretty edge, so the first thing I did was cut it off and remove the buttons for safekeeping (pictured).

Then came the labelling part. I wrote her name followed by her teacher’s name, leaving a small gap between sets and cutting through those gaps.

Then came the sewing. I don’t actually know how to sew  (although it’s on the bucket list) and don’t have a machine, so I used a very crude cross stitch, which worked fine!

So there we have it: sewn in labels that even a complete novice can do. As I already had everything I needed, they didn’t cost me a penny.

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