Create Your Own Summer Holiday Survival Guide

With just one week left until the summer holidays, I am panicking at the thought of almost 7 weeks of attempting to stop the children from climbing up the walls with boredom.

While I was thinking of what to do, something hit me. Introducing the Summer Holiday Survival Guide! Use it to write down all your summer holiday ideas in an easy-to-read way. Then all your ideas are in your very own “book” for the whole family to look at!

How To Create Your Own Survival Guide

  1. Download and print our template: Our Family Survival Guide
  2. Fill it in with the whole family!
Some tips to bear in mind when filling it in:
  • Know what’s local. In the run-up to the holidays lots of schools give out leaflets advertising local events and playschemes. Your local authority/county council will have information of event and leisure activities. Some shopping centres hold small events – try looking them up to see what they’ve got on. Ask around too – you’ll be surprised at what’s available right on your doorstep.
  • Decide what activities you are willing to do at home. Be realistic. If you can’t stand the thought of scraping cookie dough off the ceiling, then don’t promise them baking. If you enjoy painting with the children, get that on your list!
  • Swap a few playdates. Have a friend’s children over for an afternoon and see if your friend will do the same for you the next week. When your children are out, make sure you use that time to relax and recharge your batteries.
  • Set a budget. This is important – it’s so easy to spend until your drop if you don’t have a budget. Set rules to help you accommodate this – decide what you’ll cut back and where you’ll take it easy.
  • Get the kids physically active! Riding bicycle, or get them riding their scooter, best kids scooter has good advice on this.
  • Get the kids involved. There’s no point planning it all by yourself – you need to find out what they’re interests are. Asking for their help will make them feel important too!

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