Halloween Activity: Pumpkin Faces

I remember as a child drawing faces on the pumpkin before carefully cutting it out. It was one of the best bits of Halloween really: a chance to get my hands dirty doing something that I wouldn’t normally be allowed to do. Unfortunately it’s not an option for us this year. The boys are definitely too young and while Rhian would probably relish the chance to use something sharp and dangerous, I just don’t think she would be careful enough.

While browsing Twinkl for spooky activities I came across these small editable pumpkins. They were perfect for drawing faces on and there wasn’t a knife in sight!

I accidentally printed off a surplus (read: over 40 pumpkins) but we still did them all. Rhian led the others by example: as soon as they realised she was drawing faces they drew faces of their own. Shane managed to draw some eyes which I though was pretty clever!

Once they were done I put them up all over the house with some sticky tack. If you do this activity remember to keep the tack to glossy paint or other smooth surfaces. Don’t do them directly on the wall!

Knackered Housewife x

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