The Worry Trumpet

The humble cardboard tube can be many things to a child. Telescope. Totem pole. Destroyer of nightmares.

After months of nightmares and several meetings with a psychologist I felt I was clutching at straws. Rhian was waking every single night and nothing seemed to soothe her. All the cuddles and dreamcatchers in the world couldn’t stop them – Rhian had even assembled her own nightmare trap! Her psychologist suggested that Rhian could feel better if she knew she didn’t have to keep her worries to herself. Maybe she could blow her worries away, through a trumpet or something. Images of the BFG blowing dreams through his trumpet burst into my mind. Rhian loves the BFG. I was sure it would work!

That evening as I tucked a very reluctant Rhian into bed I produced an empty kitchen roll tube and handed it to her. This will help keep your dreams away, I told her. Blow your bad dreams out like the BFG blows dreams through his trumpet. Rhian was very skeptical and raised an eyebrow in the way usually restricted to the Mummy Glare Of Doom.

“That won’t work. That’s a toilet roll tube.”

“Yes it will, of course kitchen roll tubes can be imbued with magical properties! Look, I’ll show you.”

I walked over to the bedroom door, opened it slightly and blew through the tube until there was no air left in my lungs, then closed the door behind me.

“Wow, I feel so much better now! Come and have a go, Rhian!”

She blew her worries out of her bedroom and went quietly to bed without a fuss. The next morning I woke with my alarm and glanced to Martin’s side of the bed and smiled. It was empty.

She hasn’t had a single nightmare since.

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