Book Review: Mine!

Mine! review Sarah Hammond Laura Hughes Parragon Knackered Housewife

Today, Kitty is a cafe lady. There is tea for Teddy in the tall cup, cakes for Pansy on the pink plate, biscuits for Bingo in the brown bowl…

Kitty likes things just so in her cafe. But then Lea arrives and everything goes wrong – suddenly there’s music and a biscuit balancing competition!

“This cafe is MINE!” Kitty says.

But was it more fun before?

Mine! (Sarah Hammond) is the latest book sent for review by Parragon as part of their BookBuddies program. It tells a very true-to-life tale of one girl playing nicely and another coming along and spoiling it all. What is so beautiful about this book (illustrating aside) is that I don’t know a single girl or woman who wouldn’t read this book and remember a similar tiff when they were small.

It is illustrated by Laura Hughes who has done a beautiful job. We all loved talking about the pictures and Caden loved pretending to eat all the lovely food!

Rhian was quick to spot the alliteration and read this book with confidence. Although this book is about girls (there are no male characters in this book at all) Caden really enjoyed sitting down with us while we took turns to read.

Did the girls make up in the end? You’ll have to find out for yourselves…

Knackered Housewife x

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